Currently Planning: Isla's Peachy 1st Birthday

I am pinching myself in disbelief that we are only a few short days away from Isla turning 1! Where did the past year go?

First birthdays are my very favorite as they are truly a celebration for the whole family. For those sleepless nights. For those huge adjustments. For the massive number of milestones reached. For the joy Isla has brought us. I can’t even begin to explain how sappy and full my heart has been.

Despite being thousands of miles away from so many of our dear friends and family, we’re celebrating and embracing everything we’ve loved about South Carolina so far as we celebrate our little peach.

peach themed first birthday invitations

The Peach Theme

A Southern Peach Soiree. There are so many reasons this theme seemed fitting for Isla. Our favorite song to dance around the house together to is Love You Like Peaches by Bob Schneider. Ugh, it’s such a great song! South Carolina has some of the juiciest peaches we’ve ever eaten and we’ve been spending our first two months here devouring them. And if you’ve ever had a chance to meet Isla, the girl is sweet as a peach. The way she lays her head on your chest. The smiles she gives. We love her to pieces.

peach themed first birthday invitations

Isla's 1st Birthday Party Plans

For the first time EVER, we are hosting a birthday party at our house. I have loved having Brody’s parties at other facilities—a local picnic at the park when he turned 1, a fun gymnastics party when he turned 2, and the Phoenix Zoo bash when he turned 3. But this year, we have a little more space and want to have a more relaxed celebration for Isla.

I ordered these Peachy Watercolor Invites from the cutest Etsy shop. Since we have only been living in Greenville for a couple of months, we are excited to be celebrating with some of our new friends, neighbors and family!

peach themed first birthday invitations

The Party Decorations

My friend Belena, who owns the adorable party shop Geese & Ganders, is always the biggest help when it comes to party decorations. She has great taste and knows exactly how to mix and match prints & patterns for the perfect look. We decided on an orange and mint color scheme and we will mix and match different prints and colors of napkins and plates for the table settings.

We’re adding in some fun marble print (like these candles) and lots of stripes.  I decided to decorate one wall in the house, which will hopefully be a fun background for Isla’s smash cake. I made leaves out of cardstock and papier-mâché peaches to tack on the wall. I can’t wait to show you how it turns out!

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1st Birthday Party Activities 

Since most of the kids coming to the party will be 3 years old and under, I am keeping the entertainment pretty simple.

1)   A bubble machine on the deck.

2)   Swimming pool filled with ball pit balls. I am being anal and filling it with only orange and yellow balls to keep the theme going. JD is rolling his eyes :)

3)   Water beads in container (my favorites are on this page).

4)   Playroom full of toys—a free for all.

peach themed first birthday invitations

1st Birthday Party Food

I always try to keep the foods pretty simple for celebrations. Since we are going with a Southern theme, chicken salad is on the agenda. It also just so happens to be Isla’s favorite food at the moment. We’re planning on picking up a bunch of different chicken salad’s from Chicken Salad Chick and setting up a croissant bar. I am on the hunt for a peach sangria recipe for the adults, and some fun finger desserts. My mom makes delicious homemade popsicles, so I put in an order for some peach inspired popsicles. A few of my new friends have been telling me about this famous southern sweet potato cake that a local shop makes, so I may have to track one down for the celebration!

I can’t wait to share a recap in a few weeks after the celebration. Meanwhile, you’ll find me hiding in a corner with tears running down my cheek just thinking about my baby turning one.

Peach Party Gear & Sources:

peach themed first birthday invitations