Spreading Holiday Cheer Instead of Colds with FeverAll

This post was a collaboration with FeverAll. All opinions are my own and this post is not intended as medical advice. Always check with your care provider before offering medication to an infant or toddler. Thank-you for supporting the sponsors that help keep Momma Society going :)

Fever Remedies for Kids with FeverAll

Kids always seem to pick the most inopportune times to get sick, so when we head to the beach in a few weeks, I want to be fully prepared. Sand in your hair is one thing, but a high temperature is a whole other ball game! I’ve already started gathering supplies for our trip and FeverAll Infant’s Strength Suppositories are at the top of my list.

Fever Remedies for Kids with FeverAll

I’ve grown accustomed to using other big name over the counter medication for a fever spike in the past, but after being introduced to FeverAll last cold & flu season, it’s pretty obvious why it is a great choice.

·       FeverAll is an FDA-regulated, acetaminophen suppository;

·       FeverAll contains fewer inactive ingredients than other infant’s fever reducers;

·       There are no parabens, no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives in their formula;

·       And FeverAll Acetaminophen Suppository is the only acetaminophen brand with dosing instructions for children as young as six months of age; and

·       FeverAll is the #1 doctor recommended suppository brand!

I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical about the idea of using a suppository instead of liquid medication for fever relief. Wouldn’t it be more difficult? Is it worth the struggle? But if you have a fussy baby that’s teething or has a cough, sometimes it can be impossible to administer an oral medication. In true momma fashion, I’ll probably have most of our medicine cabinet in tow for our trip, but it’s really nice to have more than one option for fever relief!

Fever Remedies for Kids with FeverAll

Checking for Fever on the Go

I’m hopeful for a fever-free holiday trip, but with two little ones in the midst of cold + flu season, it’s better to be prepared! When you’re out of your normal element, like a vacation or family trip, it might be harder to tell when a child is just tired or when it’s something more serious. If I think a fever might be the root of the problem, I run down this list of signs and symptoms:

·       Are they excessively tired?

·       Are they irritable or is it unusually difficult to soothe them?

·       Do they look flushed?

·       Do they have glassy eyes?

·       Are they warm?

 If the answer to two or more of those questions is a “yes”, I’ll reach for the thermometer to double check! Did you know it’s not considered a real fever for babies if their temperature is under 100.4 degrees? Oral and ear thermometers do a pretty good job of gauging temperature, but if you want accuracy, try using a rectal thermometer. I know that’s difficult to do while traveling, so keep your thermometer + meds in an easy to access place so you can have everything you need when you need it.

Fever Remedies for Kids with FeverAll

Fever on Vacation? Now What?!

If your fears are confirmed, don’t stress momma! Your family can still enjoy some quality time over the holidays, even if your little one comes down with a cold. To keep the illness at bay, try a few of these tips:

·       If fever is afoot, administer medication early on to keep the temperature from getting worse;

·       To be safe, it’s best to keep an infant or toddler with fever away from other children to help;

·       Prevent any germs from spreading until they’ve been fever free for 24 hours;

·       Make sure everyone is washing their hands, not sharing cups, etc. to keep germs at bay;

·       Administer plenty of liquids to keep your little one hydrated; and

·       Make sure to supply extra snuggles. There’s nothing that love from momma can’t cure!

Whether you’re headed to the beach or staying the week with grandparents, there’s no doubt your baby or toddler would rather be playing than resting. To help reserve energy (and get better sooner), try suggesting activities like a movie night in pajamas or reading stories together by the Christmas tree. That way you can still create those sweet family memories together, despite the sniffles!

Fever Remedies for Kids with FeverAll


Like I said, the last thing you want is for fever to hit when you’re least prepared! FeverAll has some great resources for Momma Society readers including coupons + tips for staying healthy this winter! Just visit their website, www.FeverAll.com for more information!

You can follow the FeverAll story on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest too – keep an eye out for great giveaways and even more information! You can also check out the series of FeverAll Hot Topic videos featuring pediatric nurse practitioner, mom of two, and member of the Mommy MD Guides team Megan Jolin on their YouTube page.

You can stock up on FeverAll Infants Strength Suppositories at your local Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens and Walmart!

How are you staying prepared for cold + flu season during the holidays? Any tips that I left out? Have a family recipe for chicken noodle soup that always makes little ones feel better? Leave me a comment below or tag @MommaSociety on social media to share!