Diaper Bag Essentials for the Modern Momma

As soon as you bring your baby home, a diaper bag becomes an essential part of your life. I definitely prefer a backpack style bag and I created a guide for packing your bag to fit everything you need for the day-to-day. Diaper bags and accessories have come a long way, even since I had Brody!  I've pulled together some of my favorite diaper bag essentials and my quick tips on packing your bag so you don't forget anything (mom brain, am I right?)!

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Packing Your Diaper Bag

So depending on what you're doing for the day, you'll need more or less in your diaper bag. I find that I typically need the same handful of things, so I run through my quick DIAPER checklist to make sure I have it all!

  • Diapers, duh | I always try to back more diapers and wipes than I think I'll need, just in case of a blowout or other rear-end disaster!

  • If it's flat, I'll change you on that | Moms are great at turning any steady surface into a changing table! I like to pack a slightly more padded changing mat in my bag, since I never know where I might have to make a make-shift changing station.

  • Ask me about snacks | No one gets hangry like a toddler gets hangry! I make sure to have at least one snack tucked away in the bag in case of appetite emergencies.

  • Play with me | I like to keep a small toy like a rattle or puzzle in the bag so that in case Brody or Isla get bored, I have something to distract them that doesn't take up too much room or have too many pieces.

  • Expect the Unexpected | From spit up and beyond, babies can make a mess in a hurry! I like to carry small, disposable bags that I can toss any messy clothes into so that I can keep everything else in the bag dry and clean!

  • Remember mama | Carrying a purse and a diaper bag isn't practical for me, so I like to designate one pocket of the diaper bag for my things: car keys, wallet, phone, and my sanity. Except I think I lost that sometime after having Isla!

The Diaper Bag Essentials

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One | Oh Baby Bags Portable Clip-on Dispenser and Bags | Nordstrom | These bags are a serious lifesaver for messes! The dispenser is compact and can clip on to your diaper bag anywhere and the bags are totally leak proof. If you're in a pinch, you can use a grocery bag, but I think these work better! Plus, you can attach the dispenser to the outside of your diaper bag for easy access.

Two | Ju-Ju-Be 'Be Connected' Diaper Bag Clipse | Nordstrom | These clips are great for hanging your diaper bag from your stroller handle! Sometimes I need my back free, especially if I'm wearing Isla in a carrier, so it's nice to have another option for carrying the diaper bag.

Three | modern-twist Silly Sloth Bucket Bib | Nordstrom | Oh silicone bucket bibs, how I love you! These bibs are fantastic for babies and toddlers that eat solid food because it keeps their clothes dry and catches anything that falls while they're eating! They're also easy to wipe clean, so you can use the same bib a few times in one day.

Four | Skip Hop On-the-Go Snug Seal Baby Wipes Case | Amazon | This case is cute and compact and the handle is great for attaching to your diaper bag or stroller! It comes in a few different colors, but I love the blush for Isla.

Five | Jem and Bea Mama Clutch | The Tot | There are so many things I love about this clutch: it's small and compact but big enough to fit all my essentials, not to mention, it's super cute! I can keep everything I need in one spot and not have to worry about packing all of my stuff, too! It also comes in four or five colors, so you can mix it up if black isn't your thing!

Six | Fabelab Baby Smock | The Tot | Some bunny is going to look really cute in this bib smock! I love this bib for little ones because it's more unique than a normal bib (it can totally be an outfit protector for drooling, teething babies) but it still gets the job done. Since it's made of cloth, it folds up compact which is perfect for a diaper bag!

Seven | Loulou Lollipop Llama Teething Toy and Holder | Nordstrom | The best thing about this teether is that it comes with a strap (which is also a teether)! I can clip it to Isla when she's chewing on it or clip it to her diaper bag so I know exactly where it is when she needs it again.

Eight | Galileo Linens Nursing Cover | The Tot | Unfamiliar noises and places can be distracting for your little one when you're breastfeeding, so I like to keep a cover handy just in case! I love this linen option because it's super breathable and the fabric is easy to work with. Bonus, it can also double as a car seat cover or a blanket and rolls up to easily fit in your diaper bag.

Nine | BÉABA Formula and Snack Container | Nordstrom | Once Brody and Isla started easting solid food, heaven help me if I didn't have a snack on hand! This snack container is great because it breaks apart in to several containers and keeps them separate, so nothing gets soggy. It also has a convenient handle on the top so you can clip it to your diaper bag.

Ten | Life in Play ToteSavvy | The Tot | When I was looking for a diaper bag with Brody, I couldn't find one that I loved, so I ended up using a regular bag that I turned into a diaper bag. This organizer tote is perfect if you're doing the same thing with your diaper bag! Fill it with your diapers and essentials and then load it into whatever bag you'd like to use and voilà, it's a diaper bag!

Eleven | Madeline's Box Softy Braided Pacifier Clip | Nordstrom | I learned early on to keep an extra pacifier and strap in my diaper bag since babies are prone to throwing them on the ground! I love the braided option because it also doubles as a teether!

Twelve | Fabelab Changing Pad | The Tot | Some of the changing pads that come with diaper bags are flimsy and show wear and tear quickly. I love this organic cotton option from Fabelab because it's soft, larger than your typical changing pad, and machine washable - hallelujah!

What's on your diaper bag checklist, Momma?

Did I leave something off my list that you can't live without in your diaper bag? Do you purchase a tote and convert it or do you go with a standard diaper bag? Do you prefer a tote or a backpack? Let me know in the comments!

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