Clearing The Clutter: August Monthly Momma Challenge

I have a dirty little secret. My home has become a cluttered mess. My desktop has icons stacked upon icons. The "Your Storage Is Almost Full" notification pops up on my phone and computer on a daily basis. And the laundry? I'm still trying to play catch-up from March when we became a family of three.

With Summer winding down, I'm dedicating August to clearing the clutter. To organizing our life as a family of three. To freeing the stress from all of these extraneous little to-dos, so I can really enjoy all of the moments of motherhood that lie ahead. 

How to Clear the Kid Clutter | Momma Society-The Community of Modern Moms | | Join our party on instagram @mommasociety

Similarly to the 20 miles in 20 days challenge, we are breaking down 5 clutter-clearing tasks to accomplish each week. I'll be attempting to complete the tasks Monday-Friday, but if I get behind, there is always the weekend to catch up.

How The Challenge Works:

Each Monday for the month of August, I'll be posting suggestions for accomplishing the 5 tasks for the week (look for the Tech Clutter to-do's late tonight). Today's task is a simple one: backing up your tech devices. Before we start purging through the tech clutter, make sure your phone, computer, tablets etc. are backed-up. Each day's task should take no longer than 30 minutes to accomplish.

The Weekly Breakdown:

Week 1: Clear the Tech Clutter

Week 2: Clear the Kid Clutter

Week 3: Clear the Home Clutter

Week 4: Clear the Misc. Clutter

Ready To Start?

Here's a free handy checklist for clearing the clutter this month. You can print the the list here and tape it to your fridge. The last two days are "momma's choice" to pick two areas of clutter in your home that haven't been touched. I'll be tackling our storage closet and my desk. 

30 Day Guide to Clearing the Clutter | Momma Society-The Community of Modern Moms | | Join our party on Instagram @MommaSociety

Oh, and we're throwing a huge community instagram sale!

One of the biggest areas of clutter with little ones is the clothing that they quickly outgrow. So get ready to clean out your little one's closets and resell the items to other Momma Society Mommas on instagram August 15th-17th.  All the details can be found here.

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So who's ready to clear the clutter with me? Let's Do this!