Christmas Pajamas 2016: My Favorite Pairs for Babies & Toddlers

Christmas pajamas have long been synonymous with holiday festivities. From classic prints and silhouettes, to humorous costume-like pairs and everything in between, Christmas Pajamas bring a dose of fun into our holiday traditions. Almost everyone seems to have a tradition involving pajamas. Target, Nordstrom and Gap have awesome selections for the whole family this year. Below are a dozen of my favorite pajamas for our little ones this season.

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One: Classic Plaid Pajamas | Little Me | Brody will be wearing this pair of classic plaid pajamas for Christmas celebrations this year. We have his initials monogrammed on the shirt pocket and it is the cutest thing ever. (Ps: Rumor has it, they're buy 1 get 1 free right now)

Two: Red Piping Nightgown | Petite Plume Sleepwear | There is something so special about classic pieces and heirlooms this season of the year. The timeless shape of this nightgown has me imagining it being passed down for generations to come.

Three: Disney Holiday Pajamas | Hanna Andersson | I am usually not a fan of character encrusted pajamas or clothing, but this pair of Disney pjs has been done so tastefully! At a distance it looks like a beautiful Christmas pattern, but when you look closely you will notice the patterns are made with fun Disney silhouettes.

Four: Pink Snowman Pajamas | Gap | Just because it is Christmas, does not mean we have to stick with red and green. The pink on these pajamas is perfect for any little girl during the holiday season.

Five: Santa Pajamas | Tucker + Tate | For some reason, the cute circular glasses on this Santa keep drawing me in. I love the modern look.

Six: First Christmas Pajamas | Mabel | These handmade pajamas are just about as cute as they come. The little flap on the back of the pants and the customizable initial are giving me major heart eyes.

Seven: Christmas Puppy Pajamas | Little Me | Between the polka dots and puppy dog, this pair of pajamas is sure to make any little girl squeal with excitement.

Eight: Snowman Footed Pajamas | Gap | The footed pajamas from Gap have long been my favorites, but the festive snowman on this pair are taking it to another level!

Nine: Lil' Bear Pajamas | Target | I was having a conversation with one of my friends today about how we totally want to buy matching Christmas pajamas for our families one year. Target has so many options this season. The bear collection is one of my favorites with a shirt for momma bear, papa bear, and lil' bear. I also love the Burts Bees Sets.

Ten: Gingerbread Girl Pajamas | Gymboree | I have a serious sweet tooth, so anything cookie related is a winner in my book.

Eleven: Little Drummer Boy Pajamas | Hanna Andersson | I love the non-traditional take on this pair of pajamas from Hanna Andersson. What little boy wouldn't love dressing up as the little drummer boy for Christmas? It is one of my all time favorite Christmas stories.

Twelve: Red Dot Personalized Pajamas | Julianne Originals | I know I no longer live in the South, but I don't think I will every get tired of personalized and monogramed clothing. These little polka dot pajamas are perfect for the Christmas morning festivities.

Do you have any holiday pajama traditions in your family?

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