Brands We Love: Dropcam Baby Monitor

There are few things more worrisome as a new mom than leaving Brody away from me -- even in my own home. Thanks to technology, a lot of my new mom fears have been put to rest. I have been blown away by the devices that exist to keep our little ones safe. Things like the Snuza , which we attach to Brody's diaper every night and now the Dropcam , which let's me watch and listen to him nap from my phone, have helped ease some of my new mom jitters. I'm sure I will look back at this one day and laugh at how much worry I had, but as a new mom anything that helps me sleep better at night is best for all of us.

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The Dropcam doesn't come up on ordinary research for baby monitors. It brands itself as a "monitoring system" for security, pets, and home rather than solely a baby product. It's owned by the same company that makes Nest Thermostats (which we are obsessed with), so when my husbands co-worked mentioned using it as a baby monitor one day, we decided to give it a try.

Here's what I love about the Dropcam :

It's Very Mobile

Rather than hauling around a bulky walkie-talkie or adding to my already cluttered nightstand, the Dropcam doesn't require any equipment except the camera and your phone. While I am typing this blog post, Brody is napping upstairs and I am watching him sleep on my phone. If I am away from the house, I can even open the application and watch what is going on in Brody's room. I may have to cover our house in Dropcams when Brody becomes a teenager (kidding!). 

It's Simple to Set-Up

The device itself consists of a small black camera that requires no special installation. We placed ours at the top of the mirror behind Brody's crib. Most people would never even see it, as it blends in so well.

It Has Night Vision

Not only is the camera view crisp and clear during the day, the camera also has built in night vision making it easy to watch your little one during the night.

It Has a 2-way Microphone

When Brody wakes up from a nap, I can activate the microphone and talk to him. I have a feeling this will be a feature I use much more in the coming months as he starts recognizing his name and other words. 

It's Affordable

You probably remember this pre-baby blog post where we considered purchasing the Infant Optics Video Monitor . This top of the line baby monitor was around the same price as the Dropcam (just under $200). When we compared them, the Dropcam had so many more features and mobility.


You can Pan and Zoom

Just as you would zoom in and out of a picture on your phone, by pinching your fingers you can zoom in and out of the video. The Dropcam has an 8x zoom. You are even able to pan across the room.

We have been using the Dropcam primarily at nap time as we transition into the crib. So far, we have zero complaints and my tech-y husband loves it. It is quickly becoming one of our favorite baby purchases.  

Do you have a Dropcam in your home? What baby monitoring system do you use?

This post is not sponsored by Dropcam, nor do I have any association with Dropcam. I'm simply sharing products I love in the hopes that you may too.