My Favorite Amazon Beauty Finds

She’s beauty and she’s grace, it’s been days since she put a product on her face! Motherhood can be all consuming which means 10 lotions, 5 diaper rash creams, and 23 bath products for baby while momma gets a day old makeup wipe and some questionable chap-stick found in the pocket of your jeans.

After a little bit of putting myself on the back burner, I decided it was time to at least invest in a moisturizer and a hair tie that will keep my mom bun in check all day. I’ve heard great things about the selection of items from Amazon Beauty and after a few of the moms on Instagram messaged me their faves I decided to try it out for myself.

Before you buy...

When buying online from a fulfillment center like Amazon (remember my leggings fiasco?) there can sometimes be a difference between what you see when you order and what actually arrives at your door. Before you click Add to Cart, keep the following in mind:

  • Read the reviews \\ If you’re curious about a product but not sold based on the description alone, check the “most helpful” and the “most recent” reviews online. Customers tend to be pretty candid about their likes/dislikes and it will give you a good idea of the product’s quality so you can purchase with confidence.

  • So faux \\ If the deal you’re getting is too good to be true, you might be purchasing a knock off or a fake product. Amazon gives customers an option to report fake products so make sure you double check that you’re ordering the real deal.

  • Try before you buy \\ If you’re really not sure that you’ll care for the smell, texture, or performance of a product, see if it’s available in a travel or sample size before you commit to the bigger size and price tag.

Quality, but make it budget friendly

When it comes to skin and hair care, I like to indulge a little. After all, this is the only body you’re going to have! However, you don’t always have to break the bank (I’m looking at you, Sephora shopping cart) to get quality items that you’ll love. Amazon can be a real treasure trove for self-care items and everything on my list is $15 or less!

My Favorite Amazon Beauty Finds | Momma Society

One | Thayers Rose Facial Toner | I was already familiar with Thayers’ Witch Hazel from postpartum recovery so I was excited to see that they also have a facial toner. Adding a toner into your skincare routine can help tighten and shrink your pores and will leave your skin feeling extra fresh.

Two | Indian Healing Clay | This clay takes a little bit of work (you have to mix the powder with water and oil before you can apply the mixture to your face) but I’ve heard that using it consistently is amazing for your skin. You can use the silicone brushes (listed below) for an easier application process!

Three | Mario Badescu Facial Spray | I love using a facial spray throughout the day to refresh my face! The green tea spray makes your skin feel so energized and the rose spray smells amazing.

Four | Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties | I started using these earlier this year and absolutely love them! They hold a high ponytail in place and give it more oomph than a regular hair tie.

Five | Tinkle Eyebrow Razor | These look a little goofy, but they’re great for removing extra peach fuzz or small hairs from your face! It also helps keep my eyebrows in check in between waxings, which lets be honest, are far and few between these days.

Six | Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water | If you’ve heard of double cleansing (and interested in trying it out), this Micellar Cleansing Water is a great product to bring into your routine. It wipes away makeup and dirt with ease (without drying out your skin) and can be used as a solo cleansing product if you’re without water (or the motivation to wash your face).

Seven | Esarora Ice Roller | I hadn’t heard of using an ice roller until a couple of months ago when a friend recommended it to me. Swelling? No problem. Cystic acne? Consider it chilled. Puffy face (thanks to a teething toddler)? Ice and easy, baby.

Eight | Pura D’Or Organic Moroccan Argon Oil | Moroccan Argon Oil has some really amazing benefits, especially for your hair! It acts as a heat protectant, moisturizer, and smoothing agent that will leave your hair feeling so soft and smelling great.

Nine | Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm | Aside from the lip mask, this lip balm is a great way to keep your lips hydrated. I usually keep a lip balm (or several) stashed in my diaper bag and the car so I’m never without it.

Ten | Beauty Blender Sponge | I look back at my highschool days of applying foundation with my hands and cringe! I’ve tried my fair share of applicators but nothing works as well or is as easy to use as the blender sponge. This option from Amazon is a steal, too!

Eleven | Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask | This was highly recommended by our community of moms and so far I am loving it! You apply at night before you go to bed and you wake up with your lips feeling so soft and moisturized.

Twelve | Silicone Applicator Brush | These silicone brushes are awesome for spreading facial masks and moisturizers on your skin without getting anything under your nails. It also keeps you from having to touch your face too much - yay happy skin!

Thirteen | Solar Recover Moisturizing Spray | Skin protection is so important, especially during the warmer summer days. After catching a few too many rays, this spray can be a lifesaver and keeps your skin - even sunburned skin - from getting too dry or itchy.

What are your favorite beauty finds on Amazon? Tag @MommaSociety in your product photos or hauls so I can share with our community!

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