A Printable Checklist for Baby's First Foods

Did you know that it can take up to 10 times for a baby to decide whether of not they like a food? Or that introducing a baby to a wide variety of flavors in the womb and in their early months on solid can lead to a less picky eater later on in life? 

With those factors in mind, I am setting out to expose Brody to as many flavors as possible in these early stages of solid foods. It's hard to keep track of what we've tried, what we want to try, and whether or not he liked the food when he ate it. With the help of baby wellness expert, Megan Garcia, and tips from the book Real Baby Food , I've put together a printable checklist for baby's first foods.

Printable Checklist for Baby's First Foods | Momma Society-The Community of Modern Moms | www.MommaSociety.com

Whether you've already started on solids or you are just beginning to think about them, I hope this list will help you pinpoint some of the most nutritious foods we can expose our little ones to at this stage. Once your baby has tried the food plain, have fun mixing it with other flavors and foods. 

We've got ours taped to the fridge and fill in each little circle with a happy or sad face when Brody tries it. 

Here are a couple of pointers from Megan:

For Yogurts

Stick with plain sheep, goat, or cow's milk yogurts with full fat. 

For Cheese

Cheese from grass-fed cows contains vitamin K2, which helps support healthy bone development.

For Extra Nutrients

Cooking grains or veggies in bone broth rather than water is a great way to add additional nutrients to the food and an additional flavor exposure.

I'll be posting some fun recipes and preparation tips on Instagram in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow along. 

For more ideas on what seasonings to mix with what foods, I've found the book Real Baby Food to be an awesome resource.

For more details on the nutrition behind baby's first foods, I highly recommend visiting Megan Garcia's website


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