5 Qualities That Make Amazing Dads (And Awesome Husbands)

Over the past few weeks, I've been feeling extra grateful for my husband. Moms often receive a lot of the credit and encouragement during the first year of a child's life, but parenting has been 100% a joint effort for us since day one. It's made us closer, given us so much to smile and laugh about, and tested us in many ways. There's no one I would rather be on this crazy adventure with than my husband. Today I'm sharing 5 of my husband's qualities that have come in handy during our first year of parenthood.

Qualities that make amazing dads | Fatherhood & Father's Day

1. Not Easily Grossed Out

From birth to bodily fluids--pregnancy, labor, and parenthood are messy. A partner who stays calm when things get gross sure comes in handy. A few weeks ago, we had our first infamous bathtub poop experience. My husband so calmly said "hey Mandy, I might need some help here" as he balanced a squirmy toddler and fished poop out of the tub. There are just some jobs that are reserved for dads. The NoseFrida (now one of my favorite baby products) and tying up a diaper sausage from the diaper genie are also a couple of great dad jobs for the husband who is not easily grossed out. This may not have been a quality on my "dream husband" list, but I sure lucked out in this department. I am forever grateful for my husband who is unfazed by the gross stuff. 

Qualities that make amazing dads | Fatherhood & Father's Day

2. Sense of Adventure

It is no secret that the early months of parenthood are exhausting. Sleepless nights, a huge learning curve, and a little human to care for 24/7. The best medicine for this? A family adventure. So many of my favorite memories as a family of 3 have been from adventures we've taken. Spur of the moment weekend trips (like this one to Antelope Canyon), exploring new countries together, or a simple Saturday morning at the Peach Festival down the street. These little adventures have created amazing memories, kept us from getting too stuck in routines, and helped us get out of the house. My husband's yearning for adventure has always been one of my favorite things about him and now that we have Brody, it's ever more evident what an important role it plays in our marriage.  

Qualities that make amazing dads | Fatherhood & Father's Day

3. Early Riser

I never knew how important it would be to have a husband who was an early riser until we had Brody. I am so slow moving in the mornings, so it has been a blessing to have my husband spend a little one-on-one time with Brody while I take a shower or bath to try and wake up. I'm the person you don't want to talk to before I'm fully awake (read: cranky). I love watching Brody and my husband hang out in bed together. For Father's Day, I even ordered them matching personalized Snapfish mugs so Brody can be just like daddy when they're hanging out in the mornings. Their bond is just the sweetest thing.

Qualities that make amazing dads | Fatherhood & Father's Day

4. Patient

When it comes to life with a newborn, baby or toddler, patience is a characteristic that is priceless. This is an area that I struggled hard with during my first few months as a mom. Thankfully, what I lacked in patience, my husband more than made up for. When Brody would cry as a newborn, I would quickly become frustrated that I couldn't make him stop crying. I have so many memories of my husband coming to my rescue and rocking Brody or bouncing him on the exercise ball for what seemed like hours. With a toddler now, his patience with Brody as he throws his food across the kitchen or throws a fit in the middle of the grocery store is something I admire deeply. Having a patient partner has also helped me to become a more patient mother. 

Qualities that make amazing dads | Fatherhood & Father's Day

5. Playful

One thing I've noticed over the past year is how today's dads are more engaged with their little ones than the generations before. They are proud. They are not embarrassed whatsoever to walk around the store wearing a diaper bag or making funny voices while reading a book to their little ones. The moments when you watch your partner let loose and play with your child is what life is all about. To be totally honest, it makes me teary-eyed most of the time. Being lighthearted is one quality that has really created tight bond between Brody and my husband.

What qualities does your husband have that has been helpful in your first months as parents? 

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