What You Really Need for Postpartum the Second Time Around

The first month of postpartum is filled with emotions and gear. Momma needs nearly as much as the newborn. You might remember my postpartum essentials list from Brody’s birth.

This time, my birth was quite different and so were my essentials. To put it simply, healing down there was a hell of a lot easier. No stitches, no abrasions, no hemorrhoids=a lot less supplies. If you are expecting your first little one, my original list will probably be helpful—a lot of the products on there I was not familiar with before becoming a momma.  

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Cozy Cheekz—The Baby Gear I Wish I Would Have Had With Baby #1

This post is sponsored by Cozy Cheekz.

With Isla, I have loved discovering useful products that make life with a new baby easier. Cozy Cheekz is one of those companies I wish I would have known about with Brody. They are the creators of two awesome products---a heated diaper changing pad and their Cozy Cradle, which is a lightweight multi-purpose pad designed for life on the go.

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5 Best Kitchen Tools Every Postpartum Momma Needs

The best kitchen tools mean less time in the kitchen and less work. Which can mean more time for self care. Ease around homemade food is especially important if you feel determined to eat healthy as you welcome your new little one and say goodbye to long stretches of sleep. Working on that perfect latch, managing mastitis, figuring out how to soothe a colicky newborn, or recovering from a few stitches takes a whole lot mojo. And let's face it - a sugar rush and caffeine high will only get you so far.

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How Owlet is Helping Me Get More Sleep With a Newborn

Thank-you Owlet for collaborating on this post. Owlet provided us with their new Owlet Smart Sock 2, but all opinions are our own. We only share products and brands we truly love and use.

I love discovering devices and products that make motherhood easier. Welcoming a new baby home is already stressful enough and anything that helps make the transition a little easier is worth every penny. The Owlet is just that. After hearing rave reviews from lots of you, we have given it a try and I can truly say it has been a sanity saver. 

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Creating My Bedroom Sanctuary with Serena and Lily

I find it so easy for newborn life to take its toll on me mentally and physically. The late nights and early mornings, the constant tending to others, the feedings and diaper changes--it is exhausting. When Brody was born, I lost myself in motherhood. All of my needs and the things that were important to me fell to the wayside. It took months and months to find myself again. This time I vowed to make sure that did not happen.

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A Floral Brunch to Celebrate Our Sweet Baby Girl

Celebrating sweet babies. Is there anything better!? I debated for months whether or not I wanted to have a celebration for our little one on the way. After a big, beautiful shower for Brody and 2+ years of parenting, I felt like we had nearly everything we could possibly need for baby #2.

But a baby celebration is so much more than the registry and the gifts, it is a time to get excited for baby. It is a time to gather with dear friends and family before life gets hectic. It is a time to celebrate the miracle of life. Our celebration was just that. The perfect morning with those I love dearly, those who have made this motherhood gig so rewarding.

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How We Transitioned To A Big Boy Room + A Sneak Peek

We have been going through some major bedroom updates over the past few months at our house. First up was the master bedroom as we prepped it for a newborn and upgraded from a full-sized bed.

Next in line? Brody’s big boy room. After he started climbing out of the crib earlier in the year, we knew we were going to need to make some changes sooner rather than later. Since we liked the layout of the nursery, we decided to keep it as a the nursery for baby #2 move Brody into what was previously my work space.

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