The Best Of: Teethers

Budding teeth means slobber, discomfort, and a whole new range of baby gear to consider. With what seems like a never-ending supply of teethers on the market, we are rounding up our favorites below. From classics, to natural teethers, to the coolest devices on the block, we are sharing the full scoop on everything we've learned about teethers. 

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One: Sophie la Girafe | Sophie is hands down Brody's favorite teether and toy. Once the sticker shock of the price wore off ($25), I quickly realized it was money well spent. The legs, neck, and ears are perfectly positioned for easy gripping by tiny little hands. This classic French teether has been around for decades and is one of the safest on the market. It's made out of rubber with food-safe coloring.

Two: Nuby Teethe-eez | The Teethe-eez was one of the first teethers we picked up on a whim in Target. It's a great price and I love that it comes in a carrying case since I am still a recovering germaphobe. Brody loves holding onto the silicon handle and will chew on the soft bristles for a few minutes at a time.

Three: Toofeze | The toofeze is one of the coolest teethers out there. The soft silicon exterior surrounds a stainless steel disk in the middle. At restaurants, dip the teether in your glass of water and the stainless steel disk stays nice and chilled for quite a while. Brody loves the chilled feeling on his gums. The toofeze is always in our diaper bag.

Four: Treehopper Wooden Pizza Teether | Made of Natural American Maple Wood, this little teether is great alternative to the plastic and silicon teethers on the market. The size is greaat for little hands and it is smooth on the gums.

Five: Chewbeads Teether Necklace | With beads made of food-grade silicon, these necklaces have been a popular item in the past year. Brody enjoys sticking it in his month and it does provide nice entertainment to keep his hands occupied when he is nursing. One bit of warning, they can get messy! After wearing it out shopping the other day, I noticed my shirt was covered in drool from Brody mouthing on the necklace.

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Six: Munchkin Ice Ring Teether | The classic ice ring has been around for years. The bulbous shapes are filled with a gel that freezes well. It's great for sore gums. We've found that when frozen, Brody will enjoy it for a few minutes before starting to cry because it is so cold on his hands. It may work better in the refrigerator.

Seven: Baby Banana Bendable Teether | The Baby Banana Teether is one we have yet to try, but it comes highly recommended. It's a fun shape that is designed so it cannot be pushed too far in the mouth and also serves as an infant tooth/gum brush!

Eight: Honest Co. Butterfly Teether | Honest Co. is well loved for their natural baby products, so it should come as no surprise that their teether is a favorite of many moms. This silicon teether can also be chilled in a refrigerator or freezer.

Nine: ZoLi Bunny Teether | For those pesky molars and teeth that are further back in the mouth, Zoli's Bunny Teether is a great option. The handle is easy to grasp and the two nubs are designed to get to those hard to reach teeth.

Ten: Comotomo Teether | For the modern momma, this unique teether is great for the little ones just learning to grip. The multiple nobs make it easy to grasp and the silicone material makes it safe to chomp on.

Eleven: ZoLi Gummy Teething Sticks | Similar to the Banana Teether, these gummy teething sticks have an anti-choking shield and are designed to prep a baby for future teeth brushing.

Twelve: Celery | One of the best kept secrets in the world of teethers is celery. Instagram momma, Melody Hansen, shared this secret with me a few weeks ago. Celery is nice and hard, the perfect width and easy to store. We keep a bowl of celery pieces cut about 3" in length in our refrigerator and brody loves to gnaw on them throughout the day. You can also try freezing them!

So there are our picks for teethers. What have been some of your little one's favorite teethers?

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