Simple No Sew Kid's Tent DIY

Tents, playhouses, forts and tepees are great fun for little one's to play in and expand their imagination. I have vivid memories growing up building tents out of sheets and the couch with my brothers. I want Brody to have fun memories like this as well. Building a simple A-Frame play tent is simpler than you would think. With a few supplies you probably already have around the house and a quick trip to your local home improvement store, creating a tent for your little one becomes the perfect weekend project. 

Simple No Sew DIY Kid's Tent | Momma Society |
DIY Tent | Momma Society |
DIY Tent | Momma Society |


Frame Prep Instructions:

  1. On each of the boards, measure 6 inches down and mark in the center.

  2. Drill a 3/4" hole at this mark on all four boards.

  3. Flip the boards over to the other end and measure 1.5 inches up from the bottom.

  4. Drill a 3/4" hole at this mark on all four boards.

Frame Assembly Instructions:

  1. Place the dowels through the drilled holes on the the boards to create "A" shape.

  2. Make sure the board side with the holes 1/2" from the bottom face the bottom of the frame.

  3. If you have trouble squeezing the dowel through the holes, take a piece of sandpaper and smooth out the inside of the holes.

  4. Once the fabric cover is complete, place bottom dowels through both pockets. Fabric should be draped over top dowel.

Fabric Prep Instructions:

  1. Trim your fabric to be 44" in width.

  2. Using Stitch Witchery and your Iron, "hem" the rough edge of the fabric

  3. Make the first pocket for the dowel by folding the top of the fabric width-wise over to create a pocket 3 inches in width. Use your Stitch Witchery and iron to enclose the pocket.

  4. Slide the pocket through the appropriate bottom dowel on your frame. Pull the fabric tightly over the top dowel down to the other bottom dowel. Measure where the next pocket will need to be adhered together to create a 3" pocket.

  5. Take off the fabric cover and Stitch Witchery the next 2nd pocket.

The total assembly time takes about 2.5 hours. Taking the tent apart and putting it together is simple and makes for easy storage. I'm planning on making another Pom-Pom Ball Garland this weekend to drape on the front. We can't wait for Brody to make memories in the tent when he gets a little bigger. Be sure to tag #mommasociety on Instagram and share your tents!