Hannah Matthew

Hannah Matthew /// Lifestyle Contributor

I am a California girl, born and raised, but a New Englander at heart.  I have a soft spot for the Eastern seaboard, fall foliage, coastal-traditional decor, and sweater weather.  I truly believe in making a house a home and am passionate about creating a beautiful atmosphere. From interior design to tablescapes and gatherings, I consider myself the ultimate homebody.  I love all things "home"!

My favorite spaces to design and parties to host involve children.  As a stay-at-home mom to Will (4) and Madeline (10 months), and a part-time interior designer and blogger, seeing the world through their eyes is truly the best.  I love the whimsy and imagination I get to use when designing spaces and parties for children. The possibilities are endless and their reactions to life's simple joys are priceless!  Motherhood is messy, and I like to create beauty in the chaos.