Caitlyn Waite

Caitlyn Waite /// Interiors Contributor

Hey y'all! My name is Caitlyn Waite. I am a mom of three and an Interior Designer in Mobile, Alabama. If I am being real sneaky I refer to myself as an L.A. designer, but once people hear my accent, they realize L.A. clearly means Lower Alabama. My life consists of constantly trying to find a decent balance between being the best Mom I can be and running my own design firm. There are a million things I am still learning, but there is one thing I am straight up sure of... being a Mom of three little ones under the age of four is HARD WORK. It requires LOADS of coffee, a monthly shipment of Tarte Shape Tape under eye concealer and a WHOLE lot of Jesus...

I pride myself in helping clients make their house a home and handle everything from new construction and renovations all the way to styling and decorating. I am extremely organized with my clients and my projects but you can probably find a stale Chick-fil-a Waffle fry under the seat of my car at all times. Transparency ladies... I have been known to sneakily pump and drive from job site to job site, and I wear my newborn Thomas in my favorite Solly Baby Wrap to client meetings. I am beyond pumped about being your design contributor! Let’s do this thing!