I’m not going to lie, when I was prepping for Brody’s birth I was all over the place. It was my first pregnancy and I had no clue what I was doing!

The idea of a “Birth Plan” had never even entered my mind. If I had to break it down, my plan was basically go to the hospital, try not to panic, and somehow have the magic birth experience of my dreams.

SPOILER – it doesn’t work like that!

But don’t panic Momma, because you’ve totally got this! Why? Because you’re on my list.

I’m so excited to share my three day Birth Plan challenge with you and it’s TOTALLY FREE! All you need is to be subscribed to my newsletter!

If you’re ready to rock your birth experience but you don’t know how, then this three day challenge is going to get you exactly where you need to be!

You can expect printables, action items, advice, and exercises (the mental kind – it’s too hot to sweat!) for you and your partner that will help you get your plan ready.

Over the course of the three day challenge, you’ll:

  • Get a clear picture of what you want your birth experience to be

  • Figure out the type of environment you want for delivery

  • Put together your “wish” list for what goes on in the delivery room

  • And start to feel more prepared to have a great birth experience!

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