Motherhood is my passion. I haven't always been the rah-rah motherhood cheerleader that I am today. My first months as a mom were rough. Motherhood caught me off guard. I wasn’t prepared for postpartum, for the identity crisis that followedmom life surprised me.

Motherhood has changed a lot since the days my mom was a mom. I longed for a resource that would prepare me for modern motherhood. I longed for a virtual community for new moms and experienced moms to learn from each other. With the birth of my first baby, Brody in 2015, Momma Society was also born. 

By day you will find me creating content for the modern mom and sharing my authentic stories through everyday life moments here on the blog, on instagram, and in our private Facebook Group. From pregnancy to baby gear to style for kids and everything in between—I try to share it all. Come evening, I am unwinding with my sweet husband, JD and our two little ones Isla (our August addition) and Brody (almost 3).

I believe making time for yourself and connecting with other moms is the secret to a magical motherhood experience. I am here to inspire you to do the same. After all, motherhood is better together.

xo, Mandy

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Personal Bucket List for 2018

Hold Me Accountable, K?

·      Celebrate 5th wedding anniversary in Belize where we Honeymooned.

·      Take a Hot Air Balloon over the desert. (Completed!)

·      Throw an epic 1st birthday party for Isla.

·      Take Brody to meet Mickey Mouse. (Completed!)

·      A full night of sleep (a girl can dream, right?!).

·      20 New YouTube videos.

·      See the cherry blossoms in Japan. (Completed!)

·      Sell our home. (Closing April 30th!)

·      Add a new income stream.

·      Take a still life Photography course.

·      Get CPR certified. (Completed Jan 2018!)

·      Make meditation part of my everyday.

·      Visit Nashville.

·      Dip Isla’s toes in the waters of the Outer Banks.

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