Spring Book Club: Make It Happen

At the core of Momma Society, we want to create a community of modern moms to share in the joys of motherhood. One way we are building the community is through our quarterly book club. This is not a book club with homework or book reports, it's a book club where once a week you will get to virtually socialize with other moms from across the globe and share your life and experiences. Heck, you might even make a new friend or two. 

Make It Happen Book Club Momma Society

We're kicking off our Spring book club with Lara Casey's book Make it Happen. It's about living a life of purpose. About conquering fears and letting go. I couldn't think of a better fit for motherhood. 

Make It Happen Book Club Momma Society

So what's involved in joining the Spring Book Club?

All we ask is that you commit one hour on Wednesday evenings to us for five weeks. Since this is our first series, we're limiting the number of mommas to 10. We want to keep it intimate and purposeful, so you truly feel like you gain something from the book club. Whether it's a more purposeful life, a new friend, or a little mental break once a week from the momma routine. 

Are you ready to make a little time for yourself each week and socialize with other moms across the globe? If so, sign up below and let us know you want to participate. The spots will go to the first 10 people who sign-up. I'll update this post when all of the spots are filled.

The Details

When: Wednesday Evenings | 8:00pm EST | March 4th-April 1st

Where: We'll be meeting virtually through Google Hangout. Details to follow. 

Who: Open to All. First 10 people to sign-up below. 

Cost: Free! 

Requirements: Buy, borrow, or or download Making it Happen by Lara Casey. Attend all 5 of our Google Hangouts beginning in March. 

Are you ready to live on purpose?

The Spring Book Club is now full. We will be opening spots for our Summer book club mid-April. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to snag a spot before they fill up!